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Counselling in Chester
with Dr John Breadon

Welcome to Chester Counselling Service

I offer therapy to individuals and couples from my quiet garden office in Ermine Road, just a ten-minute walk from Chester Station and a twenty-minute walk from the City.
Life is often hard. We can easily lose our way and a sense of who we really are. Friends and family members can be of great support but sometimes they are just too close to help; sometimes they are part of the problem. This is where therapy can help.
The therapeutic relationship, at its best, is intimate, supportive, and challenging all at the same time. A warm and secure relationship, yet with clearly defined boundaries, can provide much-needed space from which to look afresh at our lives. Whatever the issue - sexuality, relationships, loneliness, crisis in life's meaning and purpose, past traumas - you will be met by me with commitment, curiosity and dependability.

The goals of therapy are often hard to pin down, but chief among them are enhanced self-understanding and more joy and contentment in everyday life.


I am keen to work with you if you are experiencing depression, anxiety, or anger.  In addition I have a special interest in the following areas:


Online Counselling

If for whatever reason face-to-face therapy is not for you, then we can meet online (via Zoom). Please contact me if you have any queries about internet therapy or would like to book a session.

Counselling Home Visits

I also offer Home Visits if neither face to face nor online counselling are possible for you. You can read more about this option here.

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