‘When we are no longer able to change
a situation – we are challenged to
change ourselves.’

Viktor E. Frankl

Fees and other practicalities

Here is some information about appointments with Chester Counselling Service.

A counselling session lasts for 50 minutes. Weekly therapy is the norm for most clients but by no means for all.

A standard one-to-one 50 minute session is charged at £40-£50, depending on means. A lower rate is available for students; please enquire. Couples therapy costs £65 for a 1hr 15 min session and £50 for a 50 minute session. 

If you miss an agreed session half the fee would still be payable unless you give me at least 24 hours notice.

Sessions are available 9am - 7pm, Monday to Friday. A limited number of Saturday and Sunday morning slots are available upon request.


Off-road parking is available at my home on Ermine Road. There is also ample parking on the surrounding streets. Ermine Road is about a 10 minute walk from Chester Railway Station.

I invite interest from individuals and couples.

meeting together

Meeting with your therapist for the first time can be a rather daunting experience. I will do everything I can do make our first encounter as relaxed as possible. We will meet in a garden office, separate from the main house and accessed by a side gate. It offers a discreet and safe place in which to meet.

Garden office interior
Garden office

Covid-19 Safety Measures

I am currently seeing clients for face-to-face sessions with Covid-19 safety measures in place: 2-3 metre social distancing at all times, door handles cleaned after every client, hand sanitiser and tissues available throughout the session, provision of a constant flow of outside air near to the client seating area, with no loss of confidentiality. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Walk and Talk Therapy

Over recent years walk and talk therapy has become increasingly popular. There is much that makes this type of therapy different from classic seated, indoor, stationary counselling – not least the sheer physicality of walking itself and the always-changing stimulus of being outside in the elements.


The following five walks around Chester seek to develop walk and talk therapy by using the history, geography, and built environment of Chester itself as a stimulus and theme-provider, running alongside the immediate concerns of the client. Essentially this is brief therapy, but reframed, so be prepared for a short, focused therapy experience that will benefit both your physical and mental health.


The walks are priced at £40 each or £175 for the series. The sessions will last around 50 mins. Please call or email me for more details.


The themed walks:

  1. Chester Walls – on defences and self-protection, vantage points, perspective

  2. Chester Hospital/Countess of Chester Park – on illness, sickness, recovery, vulnerability

  3. River Path Walk/Meadows – on change, movement, stuckness and stagnation, time

  4. Chester Cathedral/Roman Gardens/University of Chester – on spiritual and ethical beliefs, how we learn and grow through life, personal values, truth and error

  5. Overleigh Cemetery/ Duke’s Drive – on seasons and cycles, death and rebirth, the power of nature


Home Visits

For whatever reason, attending counselling sessions at my office in central Chester may prove difficult if not impossible for you - and online counselling may not be right for you either. To overcome these barriers to accessing support, I offer home visits.


The fee remains the same as standard on-site sessions if you are live within three miles of my office; if you live further afield there will be an additional travel charge to consider.


Therapy is generally aided by taking place in an environment of quiet and calm. To this end you will agree, as far as is possible, to provide a safe and undisturbed space in your home for the duration of the session. Prior to the first visit we will come up with some basic ‘ground rules’ to make home visits a positive experience for both of us.

Please contact me for more information.